ISSUES – Why We Care

The Creative Coalition explores the ideas and issues that are at the forefront of national discourse. We are willing to search for a greater understanding of those issues before we try to affect them. Using the skills and resources of the actors, writers, directors, producers, musicians, executives and others in the highly visible industry, we hope to influence political process and policy by using our voices in the most powerful and effective way.

What We Stand For

We strive to educate our members through forums, benefits, and panel discussions about the following issues:

The First Amendment: We exist because we have the right to use not only our place in public, but also our voice. The First Amendment guards this right to freedom of speech.

Arts Team: A volunteer brigade of artists and entertainment industry leaders who dedicate time, efforts and passion to encourage state and federal funding for arts in education.

Public Education: The arts continue to suffer in American schools, especially in poor and minority communities.

Arts Advocacy: The Creative Coalition advocates any increases in the funding of the arts and protects the artistic freedom of expression.

Spotlight Initiative: a series of independent film releases with a unique and specific goal in mind: make a positive difference in the world.

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