The Creative Coalition Statement on the US Supreme Court Ruling in FCC V. FOX

WASHINGTON, DC (April 29, 2009) – The United Sates Supreme Court ruled today that the Federal Communications Commission can fine broadcasters for “fleeting expletives” spoken on live TV.  The 5-4 decision determined that the FCC’s explanation for changing their policy regarding “fleeting expletives” was “quite sufficient” and was “neither arbitrary nor capricious,” reversing the previous ruling made by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Supreme Court, however, chose not to visit the underlying first amendment issue surrounding the FCC’s policy.

Robin Bronk, the Executive Director of the Creative Coalition, offered the following statement on the decision:

“Together with all those in the artistic community who care about freedom of expression, we’re obviously disappointed in today’s ruling.  While five justices appear satisfied with the FCC’s reasoning, we remain concerned about the federal government’s efforts to impose tighter government control on broadcasts.  Parents, not bureaucrats, are in the best position to monitor what kids do or don’t see on television.”

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