The Creative Coalition PSA Showing Across the Nation

From movie theaters to ballparks, airplanes to television and cable networks, The Creative Coalition’s public service campaign with Blue Star Families to support service men and women can now be seen across the country.

These PSAs are screening on ABC, A&E, CBS, History Channel, International History Channel, Lifetime, and Discovery’s Military Channel.  Take a ride in a New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami or Las Vegas taxi and see the PSAs screening on VeriFone Digital Media Network’s taxi screens.

And, starting soon, the PSAs will also be airing on National CineMedia’s movie theatre screens; on Virgin America Airlines in-flight entertainment; and in Major League Baseball ballparks.  And, don’t forget to check out your local broadcast station, as the National Association of Broadcasters is offering the PSAs to all their local affiliate members, or to check out the PSAs attached to the new indie release, The Perfect Age of Rock n’ Roll.

Online the PSA is screening on:  E! Online; Entertainment Tonight Online;; OK! Magazine Online;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Radar Online; and will soon begin screening on

CLICK HERE to see the PSAs:
Special thanks to Tim Daly, Peter Mattei, Aengus James, and This is Just a Test Productions.