The Creative Coalition & Jewelry Designer Mauri Pioppo Want You to Save the Date for the 2008 Presidential Election

The Creative Coalition & Jewelry Designer Mauri Pioppo
Want You to Save the Date for the 2008 Presidential Election 

New York City (May 21, 2007) – Fashionistas can now combine political savvy with high fashion flair. Celebrity jewelry designer Mauri Pioppo is showing her support for the arts by announcing that, for a limited time, 20% of the sales from her new Save the Date jewelry collection will go towards The Creative Coalition, the leading nonprofit, nonpartisan social and public advocacy organization of the arts and entertainment community.

The necklace features a gold pendant, which is inscribed with the words “Save the Date” on one side and “11-4-08” — the date of the 2008 Presidential election, on the other. Pioppo created the piece to remind us to use the voice we were given and exercise our right to vote. One of her personal ambitions is to see our country bridge political differences building a collective voice that deals with issues central to all of our lives.

“The Creative Coalition is pleased and proud to be affiliated with Mauri Pioppo Jewelry. The Save the Date pendant gives people a chance to invest in a piece of jewelry that actually matters, stands for something, and supports the arts. It’s a symbol of speaking with a powerful voice and giving back. We hope that the necklace becomes the talisman of this election cycle,” said Robin Bronk, Executive Director of The Creative Coalition.

About The Creative Coalition:
Founded in 1989 by prominent members of the creative community, The Creative Coalition is dedicated to educating its members on issues of public importance, primarily the First Amendment, public education and arts advocacy and is headquartered in New York City. The Creative Coalition does not endorse or raise funds for political parties or candidates.

About Mauri Pioppo:
Mauri Pioppo is on a path of creative success. Following a vision born out of her practice, Mauri has since become a highly respected and successful jewelry designer. Since its inception her jewelry collection has received wide acclaim. The World Gold Council looks to Mauri as a steady trendsetter in gold jewelry design, because of her open-minded approach to the traditional art form. In the world of fashion, Mauri’s work has been embraced by the press and she enjoys a substantial celebrity following that includes Eva Longoria, Debra Messing, Sheryl Crow and Kyra Sedgwick to name a few. To keep the energy flowing, Mauri makes regular contributions to charities such as the NRDC, BCRF and the ASPCA. Giving back generates abundance for everyone.

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