Statement by The Creative Coalition President William Baldwin on the Federal Trade Commission Report

Statement by The Creative Coalition President William Baldwin on the Federal Trade Commission Report

December 7, 2001 – In response to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) follow-up report on the marketing practices of the entertainment industry, William Baldwin, President of The Creative Coalition, issued the following statement:

The FTC report shows that the motion picture, recording and video game industries have all made important strides to prevent the inappropriate marketing of their products to children under 17.

We should continue to make rating systems stronger and more informative, but improvements must come from within the industry and not from legislators. As this report demonstrates, the entertainment industry is capable of responsible self-regulation, and legislation in this area is inappropriate, unnecessary and potentially unconstitutional.

In addition, I believe that not only must we give parents the tools they need to help guide their children, but we also must give children tools to interpret the words, images and music they consume. Our leaders and educators should focus on instituting media literacy programs in the public schools to help children understand and process with a more critical eye the vast amount of information they receive.

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December 7, 2001
Kym Spell