Something Ventured Selected As Newest Spotlight Initiative Film

New York, NY (August 29, 2011): The Creative Coalition announced today that Something Ventured, a documentary directed by Emmy-Award-winning filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine that looks at the creation of the venture capital industry, has been selected for the organization’s prestigious Spotlight Initiative.

At a time when the U.S. continues to look for ways to reduce unemployment and revive the economy, Something Ventured was the clear favorite and timely selection for the Creative
Coalitions’ Spotlight Initiative. Among other activities on behalf of the film, The Creative Coalition will host tastemakers screenings for Spotlight Initiative recipient Something Ventured throughout the Fall.

The Creative Coalition created the Spotlight Initiative in 2008 with a unique and specific goal in mind: make a positive difference in the world.  Each year The Creative Coalition selects ten films – both feature films and documentaries – to be included in the Spotlight Initiative. Something Ventured’s timeless lessons of the spirit of American entrepreneurship and its pioneers, make this a perfect fit not only for The Creative Coalition, but for the prestigious showcase.

The Creative Coalition’s CEO Robin Bronk said, “Entrepreneurs and startups are the lifeblood of our economy. The greatest and most respected companies in the United States started with an idea and a passion to build something important.  Dan and
Dayna’s story of the inception of American venture capitalism is not only a fantastic documentary, but it is a history lesson on the fundamentals of our economy during the 20th century that helped companies like Apple, Genentech, Intel and Cisco go from a smart idea into global powerhouses.”

Dan Geller said, “Our goal was to make a socially conscious and educational film that will motivate people during this time of economic uncertainty. The Creative Coalition has proven to be an ideal partner for us and we are excited to work with them on the release campaign.”

Something Ventured was conceived by venture capitalist Paul Holland, executive produced by Holland and Molly Davis, directed by Emmy-Award-winning filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine, and is being distributed by Zeitgeist Films. The documentary tells the story of the creation of the venture capital industry, which went on to become the single greatest engine of innovation in the 20th century. It is told by the risk takers who dared to make it happen:  Tom Perkins, Arthur Rock, Don Valentine and others. The film includes in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs including Gordon Moore, Nolan Bushnell, Herbert Boyer, Sandy Lerner, Jimmy Treybig and Mike Markkula, who share how they worked with these venture capitalists to grow world-class companies like Intel, Apple, Cisco, Atari, Genentech, Tandem and others.

Something Ventured had its world premiere at SXSW in March 2011 followed by sold-out screenings in several more international film festivals, including San Francisco, Seattle and New Zealand.  Zeitgeist is releasing Something Ventured throughout North America through festivals, special screenings, and educational institutions. A home DVD is planned for early 2012.

About The Creative Coalition and The Spotlight Initiative:
The Creative Coalition ( is the premiere nonprofit, 501(c)3 nonpartisan social and public advocacy organization of the arts and entertainment community. Founded in 1989 by prominent members of the creative community, The Creative Coalition is dedicated to educating, mobilizing, and activating its members on issues of public importance. The Creative Coalition uses the power and platform of the
arts and entertainment communities in award-winning PSA campaigns.  Actor Tim Daly serves as the organization’s President.

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