Right to Bear Arts

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America needs the Arts as much, or more than at any time in our history. We need the Arts to challenge, educate, enlighten, and entertain. And, we need the arts to help us find meaning and to heal us in these divisive times. It is our responsibility to protect, defend and promote the Arts for all our citizens. Not only are the Arts one of the most significant drivers of the American economy, they are the engine for building  communities from our smallest towns to our largest cities.

“Today, on behalf of The Creative Coalition, we call for the right to maintain an imaginative and expressive population, being necessary to the security of a free State.  We are calling for the Right to Bear Arts. The Arts are the universal language of our humanity. Writers, musicians, actors, poets, all artists: it has never been more important to connect to our population so that we can confront the difficult issues that face us.” said Tim Daly President of The Creative Coalition.

Robin Bronk, CEO of The Creative Coalition added, “The Arts remind us what is great about America and inspire us to make our world a better place. They are the greatest messenger for social welfare.  The arts are not a red issue, nor a blue issue, they are a human issue.  Arts are a commodity for all.”

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The Creative Coalition is the premier nonprofit, 501(c)(3) nonpartisan charity of the arts and entertainment community. Founded in 1989 by prominent members of the creative community, The Creative Coalition is dedicated to educating its members on issues of public importance. The Creative Coalition uses the power and platform of the arts and entertainment communities in award-winning public service and advocacy campaigns. Actor Tim Daly serves as the organization’s president

Thank you for supporting the Right to Bear Arts!