Post: $1B for Arts in Schools

VOTE YES ON PROP 28 IN CALIFORNIA: $1B for Arts in Schools
The Creative Coalition strongly supports passage of Prop 28

With less than one week to Election Day, we need your help to promote the #RightToBearArts. In California, Proposition 28 will dedicate state funding for arts and music education in all K-12 public schools (including charter schools). If this initiative passes next Tuesday, it will dedicate nearly $1 billion for arts education in public schools starting next year. This ballot initiative protects existing education funding and does not raise taxes. It has the strong support of parents, teachers and students. The Creative Coalition strongly endorses Prop 28 and calls on all of its members and supporters to use their platform to promote passage of this important ballot measure in California.

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  • Barely 1 in 5 CA public schools have full-time art or music programs. Vote YES on Prop 28 to remedy this and defend the #RightToBearArts #VoteYesOn28 on November 8​
  • ​​Vote YES on Prop 28 to dedicate funding to arts and music education in California’s public schools. #RightToBearArts #VoteYesOn28 on November 8
  • All students deserve access to arts and music education. Vote YES on Prop 28 to increase funding for arts education in California and defend the #RightToBearArts #VoteYesOn28 on November 8
  • California is the world’s leading creative economy supporting more than 2.6 million jobs. Vote YES on or Prop 28 to fund arts education to create future artists and prepare students for careers in the art. #RightToBearArts #VoteYesOn28 on November 8
  • Arts education leads to higher graduation rates, better test scores and creative thinking. Vote YES on Prop in 28 in California to provide access to arts and music education for all public school students #RightToBearArts #VoteYesOn28 on November 8
  • Vote YES on Prop 28 in California and guarantee access to arts and music education for every public school student. #RightToBearArts #VoteYesOn28 on November 8

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