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Actor CCH Pounder in the Hot Seat

Los Angeles, CA (July 9, 2024): Embark on a captivating journey with an exclusive peek into the illustrious career of Emmy-nominated actor CCH Pounder on the latest episode of Hollywood at Home. Pounder, celebrated for her stellar performances in fan-favorite shows such as “ER” and “NCIS,” as well as her groundbreaking contributions to the iconic Avatar franchise, immerses listeners in a world of candid revelations and profound insights into the entertainment industry.

In this episode, Pounder delves into her experiences on the set of “ER,” sharing anecdotes of collaborating with the charismatic George Clooney and navigating the challenges of a male-dominated environment. She unveils untold stories of working alongside luminaries like Denzel Washington, and visionary director James Cameron on the revolutionary Avatar, shedding light on the innovative process of creating language and movement for the film.

Transporting audiences into the realm of evolving film technology, Pounder discusses the rapid advancements in cameras and computers during the production of Avatar, offering a glimpse into the cutting-edge world of cinematic innovation. She also pays tribute to industry icons like Sigourney Weaver, lauding her professionalism and grace on set, and showcasing the magic of collaboration in the entertainment industry.

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On ER’s male-dominated environment: “That was a really established cast, but it was not girl-friendly. There was all this beauty…Clooney, Noah Wiley, Eric LaSalle, Anthony Edwards…Sherry Stringfield was the first one that left. I think the audience sort of takes over and they go, ‘My God, can we see more of George?’…And they get the feedback and think, ‘Well, let’s do more George; Let’s do more Eric.’ So I think the female portion of ‘ER’ kind of disintegrated…I just came in, did my job, and left. But it was a wonderful lesson in seeing how the chosen are chosen.”

On working with Denzel Washington: “When I was really young working in the theater, Denzel Washington and I did a play called, The Last Street Play. And I’m telling you, they used to throw panties at this boy every night. It was summer in the park, and they’d just pitch whatever they could find to get his attention. So, yeah, all of a sudden, you’re the guy.”

On inventing for Avatar: “I think because we were at the very beginning, it was the first [Avatar] and we really were a big family inventing this idea; inventing language; inventing walking. Zoe [Saldana] and I…were in dance rooms in Manhattan Beach inventing a new way of walking, learning a new way, a new language. And you’re working with balls and rubber sticks and things that come from the swimming pool. And that’s your whip. You know, you have to use your imagination and see swords and flying monsters and all of the above.”

On the evolution of Avatar: “It [technology] was changing while we were doing the first one. I remember Jim [Cameron] saying, ‘Man, it’s too bad we can’t go back and start again because things have already advanced so fast. The technology of the type of cameras, which was that great big bulky thing, is now tiny. Everything is different, and the computers are getting faster.’”

On working with Sigourney Weaver: “Sigourney is gracious and young, and she’s farm fresh. I really admire her. She’s easy and she understands ensemble work, and she understands what it is to be an actor in a group of actors which makes it easy for everyone. It’s like ‘Gosh, that’s a Sigourney Weaver over there. Look at that.’”

Cameron has mastered everything…except acting: “I think Jimmy Cameron really admires actors because I think in the technical world that he’s in, he’s learned pretty much every aspect of it. But the acting, I think this is the one thing he admires, that actors come to the arena, produce these incredible ideas, and make the story happen.”

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