July 21, 1993

July 21, 1993 A cocktail reception is held at Club USA to kickoff fundraising for the August 21 benefit in East Hampton. Read More

June 29, 1993

June 29, 1993 A debate on the proposed nuclear dump site in Ward Valley (Mohave Desert) is held at the Hollywood Athletic Club. Read More

June 18, 1993

June 18, 1993 A breakfast briefing is held on the status of NEA funding and re-authorization legislation. The speaker is Alexander “Sandy” Crary, a staff member of the Senate Subcommittee of Education, Arts and Humanities chaired by Senator Pell (D-RI). Read More

June 17, 1993

June 17, 1993 Members meet with Janet Smith, Director of the National Wellness Coalition. She discusses their efforts to include alternative medicine in President Clinton’s proposal for national health care reform. Read More

May-June 1993

May-June 1993 Led by member Brenda Boozer, the organization successfully opposes the lifting of the moratorium on nuclear testing by the United States. TCC does a public service announcement for the Coalition for a Comprehensive Test Ban Read More

May 18, 1993

May 18, 1993 A breakfast briefing is held on alternative fuel technology. The speakers are: Jonathan Chance, scientist; and Richard Arcari and Mark Sindeband, Consolidated Edison, Natural Gas Vehicle Marketing. Read More

May 10, 1993

May 10, 1993 Co-founder Ron Silver successfully completes his term as President of The Creative Coalition. Members Blair Brown and Christopher Reeve are elected the new Co-Presidents Read More

May 8, 1993

May 8, 1993 Members in California conduct a day-long workshop titled “Homelessness in America: From the Inside Out.” The workshop includes a visit to the Los Angeles “skid row” and presentations by experts on the subject. Read More

April 1993

April 1993 Co-founder Christopher Reeve meets with Interior Secretary, Bruce Babbitt, then writes him a letter urging him to determine the safety of the proposed nuclear dump project in the Mojave Desert before transferring the federally owned land to the state. Read More

March 25, 1993

March 25, 1993 Members in California hold a two-night lecture series, “How L.A Works.” The first night discussed the history of Los Angeles. The second night discussed how the local governments address important social issues and what organizations and individuals can do to promote change. Read More