December 15, 1990

December 15, 1990 The Homelessness Committee undertakes an intensive two-month effort to sponsor Continuing Education entertainment programs for the Greyston and Yonkers public school systems Read More

December 1990

December 1990 Homelessness Committee members sell Rainforest Crunch cookies made by Greyston Bakery with funding assistance from Ben & Jerry’s. Read More

December 12, 1990

December 12, 1990 A panel discussion entitled “Can NYC Be Saved?” is held. Speakers are: Herbert Rickman, President, NYC Pride; Joe Klein, New York Magazine political columnist; Stephen Berger, former director of the Port Authority; Bob Herbert, New York Daily News columnist. Read More

November 5, 1990

November 5, 1990 A membership meeting on “Energy Independence” is organized by member Steven Haft and held at Sardi’s. The featured speaker is Ralph Nader. Other speakers are: Dr. Barry Commoner, director of the Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, and Christopher Flavin, Vice-President of the Worldwatch Institute. Read More

October 1990

October 1990 The Creative Coalition’s Warhol grant committee prepares material which results in the National Endowment for the Arts debate being used on a Murphy Brown episode Read More

September 18, 1990

September 18, 1990 Co-founders Ron Silver and Christopher Reeve make a whistle-stop “Toxic Tour of Long Island” to bring attention to environmental hazards in the region. Stops include Peconic Bay, Hauppauge Landfill, Mediwaste Incinerator, and Roosevelt Raceway: The media covers the tour and follows up with several investigative articles outlining the dangers posed by these […] Read More

September 1990

September 1990 Members Susan Sarandon, Christopher Reeve and Ron Silver appear on the Phil Donahue Show to discuss the National Endowment for the Arts and over 10 million viewers watch. Member Kathleen Turner appears as a spokesperson for People for the American Way. Read More

Summer 1990

Summer 1990 Member Amy Robinson speaks before the Arts Committee of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, on a panel on censorship. Read More

Summer 1990

Summer 1990 Member David Henry Hwang, author of M. Butterfly, discusses the importance of the National Endowment for the Arts on each stop of a national press tour for the play, and receives coverage in the Miami Herald, Tampa Tribune, Atlantic Journal – Constitution, Boston Globe, and Pittsburgh Press. Read More

August 1990

August 1990 Member Michael O’Keefe appears on a panel to discuss the National Endowment for the Arts for People Are Talking, NBC-TV, Boston. Read More