Arts Economic Main Course Not Dessert

The Creative Coalition Testifies Before Congress Today on the Positive Impact of the Entertainment and Arts Communities on the Nation’s Economy

WASHINGTON, DC (March 26, 2009) – Today, actor Tim Daly, Co-President of The Creative Coalition, testified before the U.S. House Education and Labor Committee on the positive impact that the entertainment and arts communities have on the nation’s economy. Mr. Daly’s testimony focused on arts and entertainment as vital business enterprises which play an essential role in creating jobs across America.

“In ways large and small, obvious and obscure, art and entertainment are important engines of our economy,” said Mr. Daly. “Too often, we look at art as something extra, a luxury item. Arts are part of our cultural and our economic ‘main course,’ they are not ‘dessert.’ We must take steps to ensure the continued vibrancy of our arts and entertainment and invest in the future.”

“The Creative Coalition is deeply committed to raising awareness of the importance and the positive impact that the entertainment and art communities have on our nation’s economy,” said Robin Bronk, Executive Director of The Creative Coalition. “Arts employ our neighbors, support small businesses,create jobs for engineers and foster innovation.”

The Creative Coalition is the premiere 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan social and public advocacy organization of the arts and entertainment community. Founded in 1989 by prominent members of the creative community, The Creative Coalition is dedicated to educating its members on issues of public importance, and is headquartered in New York City.

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Jaci Wilson-Reid, Reid Media II