ART & SOUL: Stars Unite To Celebrate and Support the Arts

Celebrities from film, music, television, and theatre sit for portraits with Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer Brian Smith
and work with The Creative Coalition to share personal stories about the impact of art on their lives and on society

Brian Smith’s celebrity portraits have appeared on the covers and within the pages of countless entertainment and news publications. The Creative Coalition’s arts advocacy programs, led by Robin Bronk, are well-known and respected in Hollywood and Washington circles. Their shared commitment to the arts led to their collaboration on a uniquely powerful campaign to raise awareness of the role of the arts in America, and culminates in the upcoming release of ART & SOUL: Stars Unite to Celebrate and Support the Arts (Hearst Communications; November 1, 2011; 978-1-936297-46-7; $40.00/US).

The project, made possible with generous support from Sony Electronics, includes
123 stunning portraits accompanied by inspiring handwritten stories from the world’s most beloved and legendary actors, actresses, comedians and musicians, including: Anne
Hathaway; Kerry Washington; Patricia Arquette; Adrien Brody; Alyssa Milano; Adrian Grenier; Taraji P. Henson; Tony Bennett; Amanda Peet; Kelsey Grammer; Paula Abdul; Tim Daly; Taye Diggs; Samuel L. Jackson;
and many others.

ART & SOUL is the cornerstone of a grassroots campaign that focuses national attention on the need to ensure that arts in America thrive and flourish. “When I began this book, I asked participants to pinpoint a moment in time that changed their lives. While everyone had his or her own individual and poignant anecdote, the common thread woven throughout everyone’s story was that someone or something fostered the artistic sensibility in each of them,” says Bronk. Smith adds, “This project provided a wonderful way for all of the artists involved to give back and encourage future generations of
creative artists.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of ART & SOUL goes toward supporting the work of The Creative Coalition, the premier nonprofit advocacy organization of the arts and entertainment communities.

We hope that you will consider ART & SOUL for feature or inclusion in upcoming 2011 holiday gift round-ups.  For more information about ART & SOUL or to schedule an interview with Robin Bronk or Brian Smith, please contact Erik Bright, 310-857-2020 X 127, Heather Holland, 323-957-2700, Gilda Squire, 212-928-8090, or Simone Cooper, 252-338-6389.


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