21st Century Roundtable When Worlds Collide: Sex, Science, Seduction and Sovereignty Hosted by LAWRENCE O’DONNELL Jr.

21st Century Roundtable

         When Worlds Collide: 

Sex, Science, Seduction and Sovereignty


In 1948, the publication of a book cataloging the sexual habits of American men sent shockwaves through the nation.  The result of over a decade of research and nearly 8,000 interviews, Alfred Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,dominated the news, inspired pop songs, and became an unexpected bestseller.  The effect was extraordinary; it was compared to the atom bomb.  American Experience premieres the Kinsey documentary this week in Park City 

Park City, Utah (January 26, 2005):  MSNBC Senior Political Analyst and The West Wing Producer LAWRENCE O’DONNELL Jr. will hit all the hot buttons from freedom of speech to sexual freedom when The Creative Coalition inaugurates its 21st CENTURY ROUNDTABLE for the most thoughtful and provocative leaders of the entertainment industry.

This event is part of The Creative Coalition’s Seconding the First ™, programs and events that celebrate the First Amendment.

Details are as follows:

WHO:              Lawrence O’Donnell Jr. with Sharon Lawrence, Cady Huffman,

                        Mario Van Peebles and Mark Samels

WHAT:            21st Century Roundtable, Reception and VIP Luncheon

                  When Worlds Collide:  Sex, Science, Seduction, and Sovereignty

WHEN:            Wednesday, January 26, 2005

                        11:30 am

WHERE:         VW Lounge

                        301 Main Street

                        Park City, UT

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