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Dear Reader:

Every American citizen has a right—and a duty—to participate in the political process. All of us, no matter our profession or point of view, have an obligation to contribute to the national dialogue about the myriad issues that confront our nation and our communities. This fundamental principle of citizenship applies to everyone, regardless of who they are, what they do, or where they live.

As members of the arts and entertainment community, many of us believe that our obligations as citizens are particularly strong. Because of our role in shaping American culture—and because of our visibility—political activity and issue advocacy take on special meaning for we actors, directors, writers, artists, executives, and others who work in the creative professions. The Creative Coalition was created by us and for us to ensure that our involvement in the political and policy-making process is well informed and constructively channeled.

Many of us, after all, are adept communicators, skilled in the art of persuasion. Many Coalition members are also highly visible, public figures, whose celebrity ensures a strong voice—a voice we may use to direct public attention to the issues about which we care deeply.

We play a privileged role in national life. Throughout American history, artists, writers, and entertainers have addressed political issues through their work. In our free society, novels, movies, music, and all the arts have often had a profound impact on political discourse. But today, many within the creative world speak out, directly and forcefully not just through their work, but also as citizens and individuals.

The Creative Coalition exists to educate, organize, and mobilize the arts and entertainment communities to ensure that those voices are strong, clear, focused, and knowledgeable.

Today, the Coalition is made up of hundreds of actors, writers, directors, producers, journalists, artists, agents, casting directors, attorneys, publicists, dancers, artists, singers and anyone within the creative professions who takes their role as a citizen seriously. Coalition members are caring, concerned professionals who believe that the active involvement in our political system of this highly visible industry is important not just to those who participate, but to the nation as a whole.

The Creative Coalition believes that those of us who help create American culture have an obligation to be involved in the political process that governs it. We are eager to explore the issues and ideas that are at the forefront of national discourse. And we are willing to seek a greater understanding of those issues before we seek to affect them.

The Coalition’s programs, initiatives, and events serve two functions: issue education for both the public and the entertainment industry, and direct advocacy on national issues of vital importance. As a successful creative professional you have been given a voice… and The Creative Coalition helps you use it powerfully and effectively.

  • What We Do: The Creative Coalition sponsors public forums for the discussion of vital issues such as education policy, violence in America, the role of the media, campaign finance reform, gun control, and other topics of broad concern. These highly publicized events ensure a balanced approach that always includes concerned, informed members of the creative professions.

  • What You Can Do: These events are opportunities for you to join renowned experts in freewheeling, multi-partisan exchanges that illuminate these urgent, complex topics. You can participate, watch, support…and learn.

  • What We Do: The Creative Coalition tackles issues of direct importance to the arts and entertainment community, including First Amendment rights, public funding for the arts, and arts education in the public schools. The Coalition testifies before Congress, sponsors awareness-building events, actively participates in the Democratic and Republican conventions, and plays an assertive role in presenting the creative community’s views on these central issues.

  • What You Can Do: Your participation ensures these issues are at the forefront of national debate—and that our community’s voice is heard. Your membership brings you the opportunity to lobby for issues, join your colleagues in special events, and even serve as a mentor in the Stand Up For Class program for public school children. Your support for the Creative Coalition ensures that the collective voice of the arts and entertainment industry will be heard loud and clear.

  • What We Do: The Creative Coalition offers special services to its members to help prepare them for public roles as advocates and spokespeople. The Coalition believes that informed advocacy is effective advocacy, and encourages the ongoing education of its members as they exercise their rights as citizens in public settings.

  • What You Can Do: As a member, you can participate in invitation-only forums, seminars, and briefings aimed at strengthening your voice on national issues. The Creative Coalition staff is also prepared to help individual members research issues of personal importance and help frame arguments that can be used effectively in public appearances and presentations.

The Creative Coalition helps mobilize the skills and resources of the actors, writers, producers, designers, musicians, executives and others whose place within society offers a unique opportunity to affect the political process and public policy. By joining this potent coalition of your colleagues and friends, you can strengthen your voice as a citizen and advocate, and in so doing serve not just your art, but the nation as a whole.

We offer you our heartfelt appreciation for your continuing support for our efforts. The Creative Coalition succeeds only because of your involvement. We hope that you find this website informative and instructive, as well as a call to action.


Tim Daly

The Creative Coalition

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