July 1, 1992

July 1, 1992 New York members hold a meeting on New York City Commission on the Homeless report to Mayor Dinkins titled, “The Way Home: A New Direction in Social Policy.” Speakers were Andrew Cuomo, H.E.L.P. for the Homeless; Dr. … More

June 29, 1992

June 29, 1992 In California, Member Christine Lahti speaks at a press conference following the Planned Parenthood v. Casey Supreme Court decision.

June 16, 1992

June 16, 1992 The Creative Coalition hosts a screening of HBO’s “A PRIVATE MATTER.”

May 27, 1992

May 27, 1992 Members Blair Brown, Christopher Durang, and Liz Robbins meet in Washington D.C. with Congressmen Les AuCoin (D-OR), John Murtha (D-PA), Joe Skeen (R-NM), Chester Atkins (D-MA), Tom Bevill (D-AL), and Sidney Yates (D-IL).

May 27, 1992

May 27, 1992 TCC testifies before the House Subcommittee on Appropriations for the Interior, which oversees budget allocations for the National Endowment for the Arts.

May 25, 1992

May 25, 1992 California members co-sponsor the American Bookseller’s Convention annual salute to Freedom of Expression.

April 14, 1992

April 14, 1992 Members hold a “Streetcar Named Desire” fundraiser, featuring Alec Baldwin and Jessica Lange.

April 5, 1992

April 5, 1992 A contingent of over 100 members join with a million demonstrators in Washington D.C. to march for reproductive rights. Co-founder Ron Silver addressed the rally.

March 19, 1992

March 19, 1992 Member Richard Masur takes part in Arts Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C.   Masur, Garrison Keillor, and Liz Robbins meet with Senator Fowler (D-GA) and Congressman Coleman.

January 29 1992

January 29 1992 New York members hold a meeting on “Issues for the 1992 Elections.” The moderator is Tom Brokaw, NBC News Anchor. The speakers are: Joe Klein, New York Magazine columnist; Michael Kramer, Time magazine political columnist; Theodore Marmor, … More