August 1990

August 1990 Co-founder Ron Silver debates Pat Buchanan about the National Endowment for the Arts on CNN’s Crossfire

August 1990

August 1990 Member Alec Baldwin briefs members of the Hollywood Policy Center on threats to the National Endowment for the Arts and artistic freedom of expression.

July 16, 1990

July 16, 1990 Co-founder Christopher Reeve debates Pat Robertson about the National Endowment for the Arts on CNN’s Crossfire.

July 15, 1990

July 15, 1990 The Creative Coalition joins with People For the American Way at a Hollywood gathering hosted by Michael Ovitz and the Creative Artists Agency, to brief members of the entertainment industry on threats to the National Endowment for … More

July 1990

July 1990 Members Joy Golden, Cynthia Adler, and Meir Ribalow create and produce an educational radio advertisement for the Environmental Bond Act.

July 1990

July 1990 Co-founder Christopher Reeve speaks at a New York State Democratic Convention to urge tougher action on environmental issues, and announce the defeat of the Interpower cogeneration plant in upstate New York.

June 26, 1990

June 26, 1990 Governor Cuomo calls a press conference on the “Citizens Suit” bill in an effort to get the New York state senate to bring the bill to a vote

June 19, 1990

June 19, 1990 Co-founder Christopher Reeve gives numerous interviews on the “Citizens Suit” bill organized by Gary Springer. The Creative Coalition then sends transcripts of all interviews to the nine New York state senators responsible for blocking the bill.

June 1990

June 1990 Co-founder Christopher Reeve narrates a public service announcement on the “Citizens Suit” bill

June 1990

June 1990 The Creative Coalition is awarded a $20,000 grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation to combat misinformation about the NEA, and to educate the public through artists’ appearances. A committee of publicity specialists work on the grant activities, including … More